Jeep® vehicle owners and off-road enthusiasts like you are already sharing stories and photos from some of the most exciting trails in the United States with the Jeep Badge of Honor app. This official online community and mobile app connects fans of the Jeep brand and celebrates challenging terrain, famous trails and the off-road way of life.

It’s easy to get started — just download the app, sign up, check in, and upload and share muddy photos and trail tips online to start earning points — think of it as a virtual Jeep Wave. When you’ve proven yourself to be an off-road expert, we’ll send you a Hard Badge to add to your Jeep vehicle, so everyone can see just how Trail Rated® you are. Show pictures in article.

Since the launch of Jeep Badge of Honor, the community has continued to grow, and with it the number of trails, now up to 44. Each trail is rated for difficulty, and includes maps, trail information and photos from community members who have conquered the trail and returned to tell the story. The app will continue to work even without cell reception, so make sure to embrace the true ethos of off-roading and explore the far reaches each trail.


As you check in, complete trails and post photos, you’ll earn Trail Points and status in the community. The more trails you visit, the muddier you get your Jeep vehicle and the more photos you share, the closer you’ll get to achieving the coveted Trail Expert status in the online off-road community.

And that status carries over in the real world. Each trail features a unique Hard Badge for you to collect and display on your Jeep vehicle. All you need to do is validate your vehicle with its 17-digit VIN number, then check in to the trails. Once your check-in is confirmed, we’ll start sending you badges for your Jeep vehicle.

As you explore the Badge of Honor community and smartphone app, be sure to check out the Off-Roading 101 section. This section features tips — or reminders — on off-roading culture, including basic information, safety awareness, history and guidelines for driving a Jeep 4×4 vehicle on a variety of terrains. Familiarize yourself with the basics, and then start planning your first of many adventures.

Join in “celebrating off-road enthusiasts who’ve chosen the road less traveled” — anywhere and everywhere you go. Download the Badge of Honor app for iPhone® or Android™  and start exploring. See you on the trails — and online. Learn more about the program and vehicle registration at

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