Jeep® Camper Trailers | Go Anywhere, Sleep Anywhere

Jeep® Camper Trailers | Go Anywhere, Sleep Anywhere


Now into March, we’re hoping that some of our favorite camp sites around the country thaw out a bit (not to say we don’t love treading a snowy trail). Mother Nature has a way of opening up her arms a little wider when things warm up, making it easier to take a trail ride out in the wilderness and camp at will (always following the rules at your local park or outdoor area, of course).  As we sit upon the cusp of spring, it’s as good a time as any to think about the ultimate camping experience in a Jeep® off-road camper trailer.


Offered by Mopar®, Jeep Trial and Extreme Trail campers take cues from Jeep Wrangler, including taillights, fender flares, badging and hood-tie downs.


 Jeep® Camper Trailers | Go Anywhere, Sleep Anywhere


The two Jeep off-road camper trailers can each accommodate four adults and include a queen-size bed, sofa with stowable table, built-in cabinet, 110-volt power supply and premium canvas enclosure. Both versions are designed and tested for off-road capability thanks to innovative engineering.


Jeep® Trail Edition Camper

Are you a casual camper, looking for a fun Jeep vehicle excursion with the family? Then the Jeep® Trail Edition Camper is for you. Features include


  • Lightweight, all-aluminum construction
  • 32-inch premium tires
  • 12 inches of ground clearance
  • Trailing-arm suspension
  • Diamond-plated aluminum covering
  • Available 360-degree axis pintle hitch


Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition Camper

For the more hard-core off-road enthusiast, the Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition Camper is the more rugged and capable choice. Features include

  • A heavier frame
  • 35-inch premium tires
  • 15 inches of ground clearance
  • Full-underbody skid plate
  • High-mounted fenders
  • Available 360-degree-axis pintle hitch


Interested in taking the ultimate camping trip in a Jeep Camper Trailer? Visit your local Jeep brand dealership or visit the Mopar shop online.

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  1. Well done,this is so impressive I cant find better word to explain this.For off-road adventures,this is the best thing ever.To know that i can comfortable sleep in the middle of nowhere.I love it.

  2. This trailers are awesome! I didn’t know that Jeep made such a thing. This is a mist for a hard core Jeeper. Thanks love your blog


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