A Fishing Excursion with Jeep® Brand Vehicles


Fish anywhere. Catch anything? For national fishing week the Jeep® brand is celebrating two of our favorite pastimes: off-roading and angling. It’s time to load up your trusty fishing rod and tackle box, and head for the wilderness in a Trail Rated® classic.


To reach pristine, secluded waters you need a vehicle capable of going where the fish outnumber the roads. After all, part of a great fishing trip is the solitude of the water. Whether you prefer to climb a mountain trail in search of a fly-fishing hole, or cruise onto the beach and park on the edge of the ocean surf, here are just a few accessories and environmental tips to consider as you prepare for your trip:


Accessories and Features for Fishing


Jeep Wrangler’s standard features and accessories add capability and style to any fishing trip. The innovative Uconnect® System features GPS for helping locate remote waters, and satellite radio will keep you connected to music and news no matter how far you travel from a radio tower.


For flies, compasses and other small tools, driver-side saddlebag storage is perfect for a weekend fishing trip, and standard Fold-and-Tumble seats offer 61.2 cubic feet of additional cargo capacity when folded down — plenty of room for waders, broken-down fishing rods and a dry change of clothes.


If your fishing excursion doubles as a camping trip, pull the Jeep Camper Trailer to the banks of the river and sleep to the sound of running water and sweet dreams of brook trout. If you’re more inclined to haul a boat to the lake, Mopar® Carriers & Cargo Hauling Accessories offer a great place to get started on fishing preparation.


Environmental Responsibility


Jeep brand fans and avid anglers alike know the importance of a clean, sustainable environment. The more care we take to keep our waterways clean, the more enjoyable fishing will be for years to come. In addition to following on- and off-road driving and fishing laws, the Jeep brand encourages anglers to employ the “pack it in, pack it out” philosophy, and to always consider fellow anglers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts and especially the fish and water. For more details on how you can share the Jeep brand’s commitment to the environment, check out Celebrate Earth Day the Jeep Brand Way.


The brand that helped defined four-wheel-drive is helping fans drive toward a four-count rhythm. So catch some whoppers and take the top down so your waders can dry on the ride home. Do you have a favorite fishing hole that’s only accessible in a Jeep® brand vehicle?

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