Jeep® Heritage | 1955 Jeep Willys CJ-5

1955 Jeep Willys CJ-5

Each Friday on the Jeep® Blog, we explore the Jeep brand’s iconic heritage by highlighting different historical vehicles. This week’s vehicle is the 1955 Jeep Willys CJ-5.

A truly pivotal vehicle in automotive history, the 1955 Jeep Willys CJ-5 was a mainstay and manufactured until 1983. Let that sink in for a minute… This might be an easier task for the older set, but can you imagine another consumer-oriented vehicle being in production for that long?


1955 Jeep Willys CJ-5

The CJ-5, as the next iteration of the CJ series, was perhaps the biggest vehicle launch for the brand, then under the control of Kaiser Industries. The CJ-5 basically stayed the same throughout the years, with its rounded fender, sheet metal body, and raised hood to accommodate the F-134 “Hurricane” inline-4 piston engine.


With almost 30 years of production and manufactured to really Go Anywhere, Do Anything™, it’s not too hard to spot a CJ-5 out on the road, off-roading, or at any number of auto shows. As important as the 1955 CJ-5 is, it’s still only part of the overall Jeep story in the 1950s. Stay tuned to the Jeep Blog for a deeper look into the brand in the 1950s (and beyond).


8 Responses to “Jeep® Heritage | 1955 Jeep Willys CJ-5”

  1. My first Jeep was a 1974 CJ5. At that time it was AMC Jeep. Still a great vehicle.

  2. Dr. Abhijit Neog

    Have just been able to get my hands on one of these classics, though in a run down condition, started the restoration works…..

  3. Not to be a stickler, but the jeep that is shown as the cover isn’t a true 55 because of the V6 badge on the passenger side cowl. Probably is an mid-60’s version because of the hood cut out.


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