Jeep® Heritage | 1950 Jeep Willys Pickup Truck


Each Friday on the Jeep® Blog, we explore the Jeep brand’s iconic heritage by highlighting a different historical vehicle. This week’s vehicle is the 1950 Jeep Willys Pickup Truck.

Previously on the Jeep® Blog, we highlighted the 1947 Jeep Willys Pickup as part of our Heritage series. The pickup was a new Jeep model designed to work hard for hardworking Americans after World War II. In 1950, the Jeep Willys Pickup underwent a series of changes, some of which would last until 1965, when production of the vehicle stopped.


For starters, the 1950 Willys Jeep Truck was given the new model name “437.” Build-wise, the first noticeable change was the truck’s fascia. The 1947 version featured a flat grille with the traditional slots. When 1950 rolled around, the grille took on a V-shape with horizontal bars across the front.



The most important change took place under the hood. The L4-134 “Go-Devil” engine that powered the 1947–49 trucks was replaced by the F4-134 Hurricane 4-cylinder engine, which was capable of producing 75 horsepower.


Stay tuned to the Jeep Blog as we feature more authentic, rugged, and iconic Jeep brand vehicles of the past.


9 Responses to “Jeep® Heritage | 1950 Jeep Willys Pickup Truck”

  1. Vincent

    Jeep could use an update one of these to make it worth buying a new Jeep

  2. Dean Bengtson

    The second picture is not a “50” I believe it is a “53”. Not enough grill bars…..”50″ and “51” had all 5. The number and placement of the grill bars is about the only clue to the year.

    I sure miss mine but now I have a “51” Jeepster to work on. Type your comment here…

  3. Roy Bellman

    Looking at the picture you wished Jeep would build a simple go anywhere truck, a truck that doesn’t try to imitate a Cadillac like all the Rams and F series and GM derivatives. Especially considering the South American and all the other emerging markets around the world….a simple, hard working, Low Cost Jeep truck would be a home run and with all the domestic makes abandoning the compact truck market, I think there’s an opportunity here but I doubt Sergio will ever see it.

  4. Tom Scali

    Trying to find out if the Patriot will be around after 2014. Does any one know?

  5. hey,, im looking for some help,, i have three jeep trucks, and i need help finding out what year they are, i was told i have a 50,51,and a 56 but i would like to be certain, any help would be very appreciated


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